The protection of water for and from human consumption always presents new challenges, related to new micro-pollutants and its selective removal. STC technologies allow us to intervene in support of the elimination of contaminants from any kind of water and to make them usable for human consumption.

STC develops complete solutions for the purification of drinking water: the “treatment system” adopted by our process specialists depends upon the origin of the water and the type of contaminants to be removed.

The water sources include:

  • Underground water
  • Surface water
  • Sea water

The typical problems that we solve through our solutions are:

  • Removal of suspended solids and colloids
  • Removal of dissolved organic matter
  • Pre-chlorination for algae control
  • Removal of dissolved iron and manganese
  • Removal of Nitrate
  • Removal of Arsenic, Selenium and Boron
  • Removal of organic pollutants like PFAS, herbicides and pesticides
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens

The treatment lines include conventional and special processes such as:

  • Coagulation, clariflocculation, settling
  • Filtration with sand, anthracite, activated carbon, ion exchange resins
  • Membrane filtration
  • Disinfection with UV, Chlorine dioxide, Hypochlorite, Ozone
Sand Filter