In 2007, STC obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification by Rina. It works in compliance with the functions and the activities contemplated in the company's quality system and undergoes every year the Rina's inspections on the Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment.
Activities of "continuous improvement" are initiated to raise the level of satisfaction and minimize complaints and non-compliance. From an administrative and organizational point of view, STC is adequately structured for the achievement of this goal.

STC, in accordance with the Integrated System of Quality and Environment, also aims at:

  • Elevating the culture about quality and pollution prevention among its employees, by sharing the knowledge about the application of operational procedures
  • Achieving the highest degree of quality compatible with the terms of the contract
  • Adopting the best available technology to improve business efficiency
  • Taking precautions to protect natural resources (fuel, water and energy)
  • Checking the company's environmental impact
  • Preventing pollution through an effective prevention and environmental protection policy
  • Fulfill binding requirements in terms of environment and quality.

Furthermore, the company owns the European Certification F-GAS n. 4219/20 CE regulation n. 517/2014